Electra Rail - Frequently Asked Questions

Why vinyl?
Electra overlays are printed on high-quality vinyl, which allows you to re-livery your model with minimum fuss. The clear backing film gives you flush glazing and the advanced printing offers amazing detail.

Why is my order taking so long?
Electra vinyls are something of a bespoke service and are printed professionally. Depending on the time of year and the workload, these can sometimes take three of four weeks to arrive. If you feel your order is taking too long, please give me a nudge.

I e-mailed you but haven't heard anything back....what's going on??!!
Yep, this does happen now and again. I am very much a modeller first and businessman second, so if I have forgotten to reply or you have not heard anything back from me after three days, please give me a kick. As a one-man operation, real life can sometimes interrupt the serious business of model railways. I can also be reached via the Electra Facebook page and the N Gauge Forum.

Can you do vinyls for a Class XYZ?
I am always happy to look at new products. The main criteria for new lines are:
1) Is there an RTR model or 3D Print to use as a base?
2) Will it appeal to a wider market?
3) Is it do-able? I can do most liveries but some may need additional artwork.

I may not own the particular model in question, so may request a loan to get the dimensions scanned in and prepare the artwork. 

I hear you're moving to Spain - what will happen to Electra?

Yes - in 2020 I will be moving to Spain. Electra will continue as before, though I will have to review costs, postage and tax. Please check the Electra Facebook page or the website for updates.

Where can I get news and updates?
The Electra Rail Facebook page is updated every few days with product info, real world railway news and announcements.
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