About Electra Rail

Electra came into being as I was disappointed with the lack of modern multiple units and coaches in N Gauge. After some early attempts at cardboard sides, the product evolved through waterslide transfers and home produced vinyl sides to the professionally printed graphics I am proud offer today.

All Electra livery packs are printed for me professionally and to order and are pre-cut and self-adhesive. The vinyls are clear backed, allow flush glazing and the resolution gives incredible colour definition and detail.

I produce the artwork using a variety of packages, mainly Macromedia Freehand, which is sent to the printers in batches for production. This can sometimes mean a alight delay in getting the finished product to you but one-off nature of the prints makes it worth the wait. I can incorporate different numbers, one-off livery variations and even fictitious liveries.

I am an N Gauge modeller and work primarily in this scale but now also produce a large range of OO vinyls following customer demand.

With this new website, comes a new name and logo - Electra Rail, which will be applied to all new products and prints. It is way too much of a pain in the bum to go back to change this to the hundreds of existing artworks, so Electra Railway Graphics will be around for a good while yet.

This is a new website and does not yet reflect the full range but is being updated all the time. If you can't find it, please e-mail me at adam.warr@ntlworld.com

Return Information: Money back if not satisfied - returns are accepted with 14 days.

Electra Rail